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Find Your Tribe Among World-Class Mentors and Executives Supporting Innovative and Focused Scaleup Teams

Not all advice is created equal. That is why we carefully curate and vet our mentors.

Find Your Tribe Among World- Class Mentors and Executives Supporting Innovative and Focused Scaleup Teams!

For Participants:

Our global network of mentors include unicorn founders and executives as well as board members and experts that support and lead hyper-growth. APEXE Global works diligently with you at the outset of the program to assess your true needs to best match you with suitable mentor (s) to help you resolve your challenges. Our mentors make the time investment in the mentee as they are heavily vested in their success.


For Mentors:

Would you be thrilled to work with international founders, executives, and investors in supporting some of the most exciting founders and executives building world class businesses around the world? Then APEXE Global is the place for you. Through our program cohort recruitment process, we focus on ethical and focused leaders who are joining our programs to build themselves while they build their companies. Our program lengths provide ample time to ensure mentor and mentee have time to develop a meaningful relationship and see positive impact. We are looking for prospective mentor candidates who typically have 15 years of work experience. We invite you to speak with our team to learn more about opportunities to engage and ensure your match is value added for both of you!

A Global Network Built for the Needs of
Founders and Executives

A sampling of some of our high-caliber mentors

Adrian Mendes has had a successful 20 year career in the high-tech industry founding companies and leading a variety of organizations and teams, large and small. His passion and expertise is in creating businesses by combining cutting edge technology with newly evolving market needs in new and interesting ways. He has been an instrumental mentor in the APEXE Québec program. 

Sam Ramadori is recognized as a private equity and senior executive with significant experience in identifying investment opportunities and supporting management teams in developing and executing growth-oriented business plans. Sam joined BrainBox AI team in the spring of 2019 and oversees the execution of the company’s growth-oriented business plans as well as investor relations. Sam has been an impactful Quebec based mentor for the APEXE Québec program. 

How do I apply to be considered a mentor?

How do I apply to be considered a mentor?