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Success Stories and Testimonials, Venture Hive / GEN Accelerates
Participating companies that had an initial presence in one or two foreign markets experienced 315 percent revenue growth in 24 months and more than 235 percent in 18 months, while those that also participated in sales missions saw their exports increase by more than 400 percent on average.

“Vedia helps publishers and operators of connected TV and DOOH (digital out of home) channels increase their revenues by converting their data into highly targeted and monetizable videos.

We have grown to 23,000 customers in 98 countries.

Two of our mentors in particular, as well as Dr. Amat, gave us the ideas that got us to where we are today.”
Antonio Otalvaro, CEO, Vedia, Florida

“Since 2015, I’ve been running Watsco Ventures, the startup incubator and venture capital arm of Watsco, Inc, a public company with $5 billion in revenue.

The GEN Accelerates team [has]…a unique and powerful approach to addressing not only startup success metrics but also character and leadership development. ….the documentation has made all the difference in the growth of investable and large scale companies in both technology and non-technology sectors.

…the most memorable [sales mission] was connecting Asian entrepreneurs to Silicon Valley. Working with them remotely to prepare them for live meetings…producing to a very successful trip.”

Ivan Rapin-Smith, CEO, Watsco Ventures, U.S.

“My co-founder and I started working with GEN Accelerates in 2016. (…) their work stands out from other organizations (…) and the lasting impact of their work on our business is something that still impacts our development 5 years later.

We started with one client and now have over 120! …including Sony Music LATAM, Coca Cola, Samsung, Chevrolet, and others. Our work has also been awarded in international marketing competitions for its innovation, creativity and scope.

The support of the GEN Accelerates team has helped us better understand our business, how to grow (scale) and evolve it, and most importantly, how to impact the world and create a high-value product.”

Marcos Amadeo, COO, The Amazement Agency, U.S.

“The GEN Accelerates team helped me, as an entrepreneur, to start dreaming big! They gave me the confidence to build a world-class company, and I learned how to scale from a startup to a full-scale business.

GEN Accelerates has been of critical importance to our major expansion efforts…

Clickypass is a membership program for fitness classes and activities at approximately 2,500 gyms and studios in Latin America. In 2020, Clickypass was acquired by ClassPass, the world’s largest fitness aggregator.”

Ezequiel Bucai, CEO, Clickypass, Argentina

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