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Through our Reputation and Global Network, We Bridge the Gaps to Pave the Path to hypergrowth

Focused and Entrepreneur Centric, our collaborative team has vast experience in creating and executing  programs that are impactful, accountable and results driven.

Through our Reputation
and Global Network,
We Bridge the Gaps to
Pave the Path to

Focused and Entrepreneur Centric, our collaborative team
has vast experience in creating and executing  programs that
are impactful, accountable and results driven.

Our Programs Deliver

Success Stories and Testimonials

“Vedia helps publishers and operators of connected TV and DOOH (digital out of home) channels increase their revenues by converting their data into highly targeted and monetizable videos.

We have grown to 23,000 customers in 98 countries.

Two of our mentors in particular, as well as Dr. Amat, gave us the ideas that got us to where we are today.”
Antonio Otalvaro, CEO, Vedia, Florida
“APEXE and the Hypercroissance program were one of the best things to happen to our company.  They bring subject matter experts, that introduce important topics to discuss in more detail throughout peer groups and 1 on 1s. Those peer groups become like a family rooting for you. They also match you with mentors which has personally been my favorite part All of it has opened our eyes, accelerated our growth and upped our capabilities and I’d highly recommend it!

Jeremy Frohlich, Head of Growth, LRDG

‘‘Hypercroissance program is not only supporting us in our hypergrowth challenge with workshop and expert sessions in addition to mentoring and coaching, it is opening a global network of potential investors, customers, allies who can help accelerate our growth more effectively, thus, allowing us to accomplish our company mission and vision more quickly. 

The program also creates a culture of support among companies and their team going through the same hypergrowth process, we do not feel alone anymore, we feel well surrounded.‘’

Martin Beaudoin Nadeau, Founder and CEO, Viridis Terra

“Since 2015, I’ve been running Watsco Ventures, the startup incubator and venture capital arm of Watsco, Inc, a public company with $5 billion in revenue.

The GEN Accelerates team [has]…a unique and powerful approach to addressing not only startup success metrics but also character and leadership development. ….the documentation has made all the difference in the growth of investable and large scale companies in both technology and non-technology sectors.

…the most memorable [sales mission] was connecting Asian entrepreneurs to Silicon Valley. Working with them remotely to prepare them for live meetings…producing to a very successful trip.”

Ivan Rapin-Smith, CEO, Watsco Ventures, U.S.

“My co-founder and I started working with GEN Accelerates in 2016. (…) their work stands out from other organizations (…) and the lasting impact of their work on our business is something that still impacts our development 5 years later.

We started with one client and now have over 120! …including Sony Music LATAM, Coca Cola, Samsung, Chevrolet, and others. Our work has also been awarded in international marketing competitions for its innovation, creativity and scope.

The support of the GEN Accelerates team has helped us better understand our business, how to grow (scale) and evolve it, and most importantly, how to impact the world and create a high-value product.”

Marcos Amadeo, COO, The Amazement Agency, U.S.

“The Hypercroissance program started adding value for us almost from day one via the quality of the mentors that are curated to fit our specific company needs.

While the program is quite structured and very well administered with rich content at all levels, do not make the mistake of thinking it is a canned recipe with one size fits all. Quite the contrary, Susan and her team strive to tailor any and all aspects to ensure Hypercroissance fits your specific company scaling needs AND your specific individual c-suite members’ needs. 

My CTO, my CPO, my Head of Communications and Marketing and I have had great individual, experienced, international mentors assigned, along with top quality peer to peer sessions, that have pushed our thinking and challenged our assumptions for our next phase of growth.”

Guillaume Hervé, CEO and Co-Founder, Zetane

“The Apexe sales mission was fantastic! It gave us important new insights, and provided more clarity on the pathways to bring our patient-centric innovation to health systems. 

I met with several of the biggest names in healthcare in the US and received feedback directly from them that I am putting into practice immediately!”

Jean-Manassé Théagène, CEO & Founder, 360Medlink

“The GEN Accelerates team helped me, as an entrepreneur, to start dreaming big! They gave me the confidence to build a world-class company, and I learned how to scale from a startup to a full-scale business.

GEN Accelerates has been of critical importance to our major expansion efforts…

Clickypass is a membership program for fitness classes and activities at approximately 2,500 gyms and studios in Latin America. In 2020, Clickypass was acquired by ClassPass, the world’s largest fitness aggregator.”

Ezequiel Bucai, CEO, Clickypass, Argentina

I’m a Scaleup and I want to learn more

I’m a Scaleup and I want to learn more